Remove risk at the design stage to reduce project timescales by up to 50%

Optimise part Design for Manufacture to minimise investment and timescales

Minimise part defects with robust part engineering

Develop clear component specifications which can be shared with all partners to ensure ease of manufacture

Understand part quality and remove issues such as sink marks and poor weld lines before cutting metal

Optimise mould functions like gating, cooling and ejection

Define the correct clamp force, filling pressures and shot requirements of the moulding equipment

Calculate optimium gate sizes and predicted cycle times

Provided with clear and concise reporting

Mould Validation & Troubleshooting

Overview of Services

Design for Manufacture Reviews

Flow Simulation

Tooling Reviews & Project Management

Developing and managing all tooling specifications from design through to approval of the mould

Reviewing and overseeing the mould design and manufacturing process 

Developing concepts for complex tooling solutions such as 2K, Optical, IML & IMD technologies 

Reducing current cycle times by 20% on average using a structured approach 

Process development & optimisation from FOT to production approval. Developing robust moulding processes with clearly defined and tested Process Windows

Delivering complete documenation related to the validation of complex medical and technical components & processes 

World Class Plastics

World Class systems to fully manage the development and production of plastic products 

From benchmarking of current systems to delivery of complete business processes including supporting documentation. Covering from design through validation and production to after-market support

Training is customised to suit the needs of the business and ensure maximum learnings and benefits

Structured training programs from Introductory, Intermediate and Advanced levels tailored to suit the customer needs

Training modules on part design, materials, tooling and processing technologies for management level, quality, design and hands-on engineering roles.

Training & Skills Development

System Moulding Software

Structured approach  to manage mould development from DFM through first testing, process optimisation and into production

Create a fully defined, robust moulding process including Process Window studies and documenting of OQ runs

Make fact based, documented decisions

A secure multi-lingual application used across the world with a range of injection moulding technologies